Module Builder:

The Module Builder is a tool that allows instructors to set the structure for a module, where they can then place content in a considered way, or add place-holders in advance of new content being available. Using the Module Builder is the best way to get a new module structured, and is a very useful tool for instructors reviewing their course structure. You can download an offline version of the guide below, view a video tutorial of the process below.

Download guide

The benefits of using the module builder:

  • Assists instructor in creating coherent module structure
  • Improves coherence of module structure
  • Creates the best potential experience for students
  • Supports alignment of content to learning outcomes
  • Encourages organising content by unit, session or week

In the example below we are basing this on a module outline which has 3 Learning Outcomes which will relate to 3 Units in the module (containing content and assessment items).

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