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1. Accessing Brightspace

Accessing Brightspace To access Brightspace you can click the link in the top-right of the UCD Connect homepage or enter https://brightspace.ucd.ie into your browser address bar. Then use your UCD Connect username and password to log in to the system. Take a look at the guide to accessing Brightspace, or follow the video tutorial below.

2. The Grades Wizard

Using the Grades Wizard Using the Grades Wizard will help you organise your grades area. You should use the Grades Wizard to: Apply weightings to your assessment components. Automatically calculate your assessment components in the module. Control the view of grades for students. For information on using the Grades Wizard, click the link to view

3. Weighted Grading

Using a weighted grading system in Brightspace can help you to align your assessment strategy to your Gradebook components. In this example we will show you how to set up the grades area on a Brightspace module that reflects the assessment strategy of a typical module. The example comprises the below elements: Continuous Assessment component

4. Creating Assignments

This Guide will run through the steps required to create Numeric based Assignments and link them to the Grade Items created in the Weighted Grading tutorial Create and link Assignments to Grade Items Download the offline guide or follow the video demonstration below.  

5. Module Builder

D2L Module Builder The D2L Module Builder is a tool that allows instructors to set the structure for a module, where they can then place content in a considered way, or add place-holders in advance of new content being available. Using the Module Builder is the best way to get a new module structured, and is a

6. Content Copy

D2L Content Copy During the move to Brightspace you will need to review your existing content from Blackboard and move relevant content into the new system. You will use the Selecting Components to copy tool, to move content from Blackboard to Brightspace. Using this tool will give you control over what content items are included

7. Ordering Content

When content items are copied into Brightspace they will need to be sequenced, moved, and re-ordered. Once you have defined your module structure (using the Module Builder tool) it’s very easy to arrange your newly imported content. The following guide will detail how to: Sequence newly copied content items Move the items into the Module

8. Communicating with Students

Communicating with Students on Brightspace There are two recommended ways to communicate with students on Brightspace, Announcements and Email. The Announcements tool is accessible via the module homepage. Announcements appear to students in the homepage. Announcements are never emailed to the student. If you do need to email students in the module, use the Email

9. Automating Communications

Automating Communications With Brightspace it is possible to automate communications to students based on certain criteria. To do this you use the Intelligent Agents tool. Intelligent Agents can be used for many different reasons: Automate a welcome note to the class. Notify students that are falling behind in their work. Remind students about upcoming deadlines.

Universal Design for Learning in The Future VLE

Universal Design for Learning in The Future VLE Here are my slides from my recent short presentation as part of UCD EdTecX 2018. The EdTECx talks are jointly hosted by UCD IT Services and UCD Teaching & Learning in conjunction with the UCD network of Educational Technologists. Universal Design for Learning provides a framework which

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