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Lecture Capture technology allows lecturers to record a lecture and provide this digital recording to students, usually through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Brightspace. Lecture Capture technology is also effective in a promotional capacity, recording and/or live streaming one-off guest and keynote lectures, career talks and high profile College events.

Benefits of recording lectures

  • Closing the knowledge gap - Providing students with the ability to re-watch and reflect on a lecture helping them to identify and act upon knowledge gaps
  • Catering to differing learning styles and abilities - Recording your teaching can support a range of different learning preferences and abilities such as students with English as a second language and students with hearing impairments
  • Enabling broader approaches - Encourage independent and self-regulated learning by delivering some content prior to a lecture. This approach opens up the possibility of using contact time less for delivery of content, and more for increased peer interaction
  • Supporting accessible content - Students can play, pause, rewind and review a recording, whilst engaging with the content on a range of desktop and mobile devices
  • Flexible learning - On demand access to learning materials
  • Analytics - Insight into how students are engaging with the recordings can help lecturers areas where students may be struggling

Example use cases for Lecture Capture include:

  • Exam revision and assignment guidelines
  • In class student group presentations
  • Guest speakers / Keynote presentations
  • Use as content for Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) for difficult concepts
  • College of Business events such as online open days and orientation
Monique Sherett

Testimonial: MKT30120 is a 12 week module delivered in 2 hour weekly lectures. All 12 lectures were recorded and made available securely within the VLE for students to review. The analytics show that the 'average played' percentage of each video was 49.8% and the 'average play time' of each video was 21m 34s. The viewing statistics also show a clear spike in views in the run up to exams in early May...

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