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Bloomberg introduction

Introduction to Bloomberg

Introduction to Bloomberg Deloitte Data Analytics Lab Lochlann Quinn School of Business The Deloitte Data Analytics Lab is equipped with 12 Bloomberg terminals. Introduction The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system provided by Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in finance and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and
Bloomberg university

Bloomberg Account

Getting Started with your Bloomberg Account You will need: Terminal Login The terminals are usually switched off when you start. Getting Started Once Bloomberg has loaded, you will see the Bloomberg home screen. Hit the “Enter” button on the keyboard or click “<GO>” on screen. This will load the Bloomberg login screen. Bloomberg Account If
Bloomberg financial

Bloomberg: Accessing Financial Data

Accessing Financial Data Bloomberg is a very comprehensive data source and is used by most financial services firms both small and large. There are approximately 310,000 terminals in use worldwide. Given the large amount of data available on the system it is necessary to be familiar with the tools that are provided to manage this
Bloomberg financial

Bloomberg: Downloading Financial Statement Data

Downloading Financial Data After you have logged into the terminal, start Excel from the start menu in Windows. You may need to move your mouse to the bottom of the screen or minimise some of the Bloomberg windows in order to see the start menu. Notes:
Bloomberg assets

Bloomberg: Accessing Asset Data

Accessing Asset Data In this tutorial we will focus on Bloomberg functionality for: accessing asset data, plotting it and saving it to an Excel fi le. A basic function of the Bloomberg system is to display and analyse data such as current or historical asset prices. Assets include government bonds, commodities such as precious metals, or equities (stocks)
Bloomberg assets

Bloomberg: Downloading Asset Data to Excel

Downloading Asset Data After exploring some different price histories, it's time to save some data. Open Excel    

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