Downloading Financial Data

After you have logged into the terminal, start Excel from the start menu in Windows. You may need to move your mouse to the bottom of the screen or minimise some of the Bloomberg windows in order to see the start menu.


Make sure you do not log out of the Bloomberg terminal as the data collection in Excel only works when you are logged in.

Starting Excel

You should see the following ribbon bar when Excel starts:

Open Bloomberg

Click on Bloomberg and the Bloomberg ribbon appears.

Data Navigation

Click on Data Navigation.
A box should appear to the right of your spread sheet.
Put the ticker in the box and click on Financial/Valuation.
Click Income Statement in the next box.
The box now displays Apple’s Income Statement. Use the arrow button to drag the numbers onto the blank spread sheet.

Return Excel Spreadsheet

Apple’s Income Statement should now appear in your spread sheet.


When you have collected your data you should click on the top left hand corner of the sheet then right click and select copy then right click again and select ‘Paste Special’ and Values. This will convert the formulas in the sheet into numbers. You can now save the sheet on a USB key and use it on your own computer.


  • A wide range of data is available in Bloomberg for most listed companies. Take the Bloomberg University training course for more information.
  • Data is available for Irish Companies (try CRH:ID) for CRH.
  • Historic stock prices are available.