Accessing Financial Data

Bloomberg is a very comprehensive data source and is used by most financial services firms both small and large. There are approximately 310,000 terminals in use worldwide.

Given the large amount of data available on the system it is necessary to be familiar with the tools that are provided to manage this data.

Bloomberg - Access Financial Data



The tutorial below will help you to access a particular company's financial data and analyse it using some of Bloomberg's many tools.

Task 1 –Selecting a Company

Hit the Yellow [EQUITIES] Key followed by the Green [GO] key.

Select the Equity option
Type SECF (Security Finder) into the top left hand corner of the screen and press [Go].


The screen shown below should appear:


Type 2 and [GO] to select Apple.

Task 2 – Getting Basic Company Data

Type DES and [GO] to get a description of the company.


The following screen should appear:


Click on 4) Revenue and EPS to get more information on Apple.
The screen shown below should appear:

Task 3 – Drawing Charts of Prices and Events

Now Click on 1) Profile to get back to the main page of information.

Now click on the Price Chart to get a more detailed chart.
The following chart should appear:

Click on the Event tag to show important events on the chart.

Tick the Earnings box to show when the company announced their Profits on the graph.

Task 4 - Reading Company News

Type CN and GO into the top left hand corner of the screen.


This brings up a screen of news about Apple.