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What are the next steps?

  • Contact business.eLearning@ucd.ie to schedule your recording in Quinn
  • Contact services.blackrock@ucd.ie to schedule your recording in Smurfit.
  • Confirm requirements and distribution
  • Gain consent from guest speakers (consent form)
  • Inform the audience that the session is being recorded
  • Review the recording, identify and detail edits if required
  • Approve the recording and agree method of distribution e.g. via Brightspace
  • Periodically request analytics to see the viewing statistics and monitor engagement

Frequently asked Questions:

Can I control the recording?

Yes, a touch panel can be set up beforehand which will give you control of the recording system. You can stop, start or pause as well as live stream from the podium touch panel.

As this functionality is not the default setup, please request this feature during the initial booking.

Do I need consent to record a guest presenter?

Staff who wish to record guest speakers must ensure that they have obtained agreement from the speaker(s) in advance and have written consent by way of a consent form. Consent forms are available by contacting: business.elearning@ucd.ie

Or by downloading a consent form here

Where will the recordings be distributed?

Except where authorised by the College of Business, recordings of teaching and learning activities will be distributed securely within the VLE Brightspace.

By default, recordings will be published to the appropriate module in which the live lecture forms part. This has the benefits of providing students with a visually consistent access point to captured lectures across all their modules.

Which rooms are Lecture Capture enabled?

Currently 5 rooms in Quinn have Lecture Capture.

  • Room Q012 -- a 50 seat capacity class-room.
  • Room Q013 -- a 50 seat capacity class-room.
  • Room Q015 -- a 150 seat capacity tiered lecture room.
  • Room Q005 -- a 145-seat capacity class-room.
  • Room Q043 -- a 320-seat capacity tiered lecture room.

Contact business.elearning@ucd.ie for details on lecture recording in Quinn.

In addition there are  5 rooms in Smurfit that have Lecture Capture.

  • Room E102
  • Room E201
  • Room N111
  • Room N206
  • Room C201

Note: Lecture Capture in Smurfit is now managed by Estates Services, contact services.blackrock@ucd.ie for details.

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