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The UCD College of Business uses the Ubicast system for lecture capture content. The files are stored securely here in the Quinn School as well as in the Smurfit graduate school on the Media Server.
The Media Server allows us too:

  • Locally host recorded lectures and presentations
  • Publish content to the LMS securely on our network
  • Stream content on demand, compatible with multiple browsers and mobile devices
  • Analyse viewing statistics

Lecture recordings can be made interactive through the use of navigation chapters and slide markers (allowing students to go directly to areas of interest) and also through the use of collaborative annotations (allowing students to ask questions and post comments)

The lecturer can also add activities to the content such as polls and MCQ's to interact with viewers.

Webstudio is a feature of the Media Server that allows you to record directly from your PC or Laptop
This tutorial will demonstrate Webstudio in more detail, Click on the "Play" icon or "NEXT" to begin.

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Business eLearning can set up your own personal account on the Media Server which will allow you to upload video resources or record content directly from your desktop/laptop.

Contact business.elearning@ucd.ie to find out more

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