Financial Times Online Education Programme

The UCD School of Business has partnered with the Financial Times to provide students with a free of charge subscription to the Financial Times Online ( Education Programme. gives you access to Financial Times news and commentary, company financials, market data, special reports, interactive features and much more.

Accessing the Financial Times Online

To access the Financial Times Online Education Programme, click here: Access FT Online

N.B: You will need to register your details to gain access. Help

For help with the Financial Times, please read through the tutorials on the Business eLearning website:

Help is also available on the Financial Times website:

Forgot password?

If you have already subscribed to the FT but have forgotten your password, click the following link:

Inactive accounts

Please note that accounts that have not been accessed in 90+ days will be considered inactive. You will be requested to input your details again if your account is recognised as inactive.