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Dr Michael McDonald

Module Coordinator: Dr Michael McDonald

Collaborator: Business eLearning

Module Title: eBusiness Solutions

Module Code: MIS30020

Target Audience: BCom, Stage Three

Financial Times Education Programme - The Approach

The FT’s education programme offers a practical way for lecturers to bring current affairs and an international perspective into your curriculum. 

The FT offers students fresh insights into what they are studying, whilst the tools and services helps to easily incorporate the FT into the classroom.

Enhance Classroom Discussion

Students are encouraged to connect current events with basic course principles and to share their ideas in class discussion.



Use real-world examples from the FT in assignments including: article based reviews; company, industry or topic tracking; and article critiques, studying whether course themes do or don’t apply to world examples.


 Students follow a topic or theme throughout the term and produce a written report at the end of the time period. Subject to monitor may include company, industry, political or economic developments in a specific country or market.



eBusiness Solutions aims to develop understanding of the technologies used in e-business and their application for commercial benefit. This entails description and application of the following topics:- computer networks and the Internet- e-commerce business principles- web site design good practice- the architecture of e-commerce applications- design and implementation issues.

The Financial Times Education Portal provides the perfect compliment to this module. It provides access to educational resources and tools, aggregates of FT.com content and exclusive materials to help bring an international perspective to the classroom. The online learning technique modernised the teaching delivery, helped to promote the underlying philosophy of the module and changed the way in which students interact in the classroom.


Students can use the FT to follow an industry, a company, a topic or a theme throughout the semester. The use of the FT prepares students for careers in an increasingly global marketplace, providing them with the insight needed to understand and navigate different business cultures and excel in job interviews.

The FT resource was used to:

  • Familiarise students with digital technology
  • Research before and after class thus enhanceingclassroom discussion.
  • Create article based assignments and projects focused on a company or industry in a specific market
  • Build real-world contemporary and international case studies

Financial Times User Tutorials

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