Advised Minimum Laptop Standard

The UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business has a mandatory laptop requirement. This facilitates the use of the online learning environment, as well as various forms of elearning and e-assessment. The degree programmes at the School rely heavily on student interaction with technology. All students are required to bring their laptop, power supply and network (LAN) cable to the Business School on a daily basis.

The Business School's advised minimum standard operating environment is outlined below:

System Type LAPTOP PC Based System.

Common questions around system requirements.

Processor 2.0 GHz or equivalent.
Hard Disk Size 150GB (with 30GB free disk space).
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or
Microsoft Windows 8 Professional or
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.NB: All OS should have English language pack installed.
Application Software MS Office 365 is available to all students of UCD.
Click HERE to find out more. Why do I need specific software?
Browser Software You should ensure Mozilla Firefox and at least one other Internet Browser is installed.
Network Card Internal LAN Card with RJ45 connection.
Network Cable 100 Base-T Ethernet cable, UTP CAT 5, 3-4 meters in length.
Anti-Virus Installed anti-virus software and a virus-free laptop.
UCD students can avail of Sophos anti-virus software, free of charge.
Click HERE for more information (UCD credentials required).
Anti-Sypware Installed anti-spyware and a spyware free laptop (eg. Windows Defender from

More Information

Can I bring my Apple laptop to the Lochlann Quinn School?

Apple hardware and software is not completely compatible with the UCD online learning environment. Compatibility with the network, course work and applications used by lecturers cannot be guaranteed. Some MACs may require an adapter to connect to ethernet wired network as is required for in-class tests. Some modules may require specific Windows based software, e.g. MS Access, not available for MACs without emulation.

Therefore if you (the student) decide to use an Apple laptop in the Lochlann Quinn School, you will be responsible for testing it with the UCD systems in advance of class and addressing resulting issues (if any) that may arise.

Can I bring my tablet to the Lochlann Quinn School?

Tablets are considered to be complementary devices to the Lochlann Quinn compulsory laptop requirement.

Tablets on the market today are not powerful enough to run the online learning and assessment environments. Most tablets do not have a LAN cable connection. Please note that all online assessment in the Lochlann Quinn School of Business must be completed using a laptop connected to the cable (LAN) network.

Why do I need specific software?

The Windows Operating Systems (recommended above) have been rigorously tested with the UCD network and the UCD online learning environment.

The Application Software (above) contains tools that are commonly used in practice in the business world. These will be used to deliver in-class training, for assessment purposes, presentations, etc.