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Interactive Bloomberg Keyboard
To enhance your experience, Bloomberg provides a specialized keyboard. Use of the special keyboard provides color-coded keys specially programmed to execute common actions.

Click on the coloured keys to learn more:

Fequently Asked Question's

What do the colored keys on the keyboard represent?

RED keys are stop keys: they abort a function or log off the system.
GREEN keys are your actions keys: the return or key, printing, page back, etc.
YELLOW keys are the function keys: they are the market sector keys.

Common Currencies Codes

ECTR – Interactive trade-flow map
FXCA – Currency conversion calculator
PEG – Table of currencies linked to other currencies
WIRA – World currency resources
GP – Price chart used to identify trends and market patterns
FXTF – Library of all worlds currencies
FXC – Matrix of currency exchange rates
WBG – Big Mac index identifying potentially overvalued or undervalued currencies
IFMO – World inflation monitor
WEI – World equity index monitor
FXFC – Displays foreign exchange rate forecasts
WGO – Gold resources of major countries
FXFM – FX rate forecast model which displays a bell curve of implied volatility
FRD – Displays FX forward rates for currency pairs

Common Fixed Income Codes

WCAP – Displays stock market capitalization's of entire country stock markets around the world
SRCH – Encyclopedia of bonds
BUDG – Data and analytics on the US federal budget
YAS – Yields and spreads on government bonds
DEBT – Statistics of sovereign debt for select countries
STNI-FOMC – Side by side comparisons of official statements from the FOMC
CAST – Visualization of issuer capital structure
DDIS – Visualization of debt repayment schedules
GY – Historic yield chart for a selected bond
YA – Yield Analysis
YAS – Yield and spread analysis
WB – Monitors major sovereign bond yields and spreads
WCDM – Country debt monitor analyzing the financial condition of countries for debt investors
WIRP – Probability ascribed by the market to future interest rate decisions
RATD – Credit rating scales and definitions from various debt rating agencies
CSDR – Real time credit ratings for sovereign borrowers
CRPR – Displays current and histrical credit rankings by issuer from various rating agencies
SOUR – Monitor of global soverign credit default swap spreads
GC – Real time and historical yield curves
FXFC – Foreign exchange rate forecasts
IFMO – Inflation trading and data (rates, targets, forecasts)
ECFC - Economic forecasts
ILBE - Breakeven inflation rates derived from inflation protected securites
FOMC - Policy decisions, news and analysis of the Federal Open Market Committee
BYFC - Government bond yield estimates for various points in the future

Common Equities Codes

EQS - An encyclopedia of all the equities listed on world stock markets
MEMB - Shows the constituents of an index along with key data points on each member
DES - Shows a tearsheet and factbook for a company
EM - Shows actuals and estimates for a chosen equity
WACC - Shows the weighted average cost of capital
GF - Enables the graphing of financial data for a company or index
IPO - Monitors equity offerings by stage, region, industry and other criteria
TRA - Shows index returns including reinvested dividends
CCB - Breaks down a company's revenue along industry lines
SURP - Shows the impact of surprise announcements on a stock's performance by comparing historical announcements for the stock against consensus estimates
CRP - Provides the current and historical risk premiums for individual countries and regions
WPE - Monitors key fundamental ratios, such as P/E, across major equity indicies
GIP - Shows price trends during one or several trading days
MRR - Shows the best and worst performers in a given index over a given period
ICS - Shows companies by industry including revenue estimates
EA - Provides an overview for earnings season performance for a specific industry
BETA - Applies a regression analysis to an equity against it's benchmark to assess relative volatility
PEBD - Overlays a share price onto P/E ranges
WEI - World equity index monitor
FA - Provides historic financial statements and select future estimates for an equity or an index
SPLC - Quantifies the key suppliers, customers and competitors of a company
NI - Displays news stories on a specific topic
EV - Depicts the breakdown of a firm value into it's component parts
RV - Provides a table of comparable valuation metrics for peer group companies
SECF - A search tool that enables the discovery of securities by certain criteria
EVTS - Displays a calendar of corporate happenings for a security or index
BI - Provides analysis and data on a series of tailored industry dashboards
EEG - Shows charts of the evolution of estimates over time
DVD - Shows historic dividend payments for a company
RVC - Generates a bubble chart of valuation measures for a set of peer group group companies

Development of the Bloomberg Keyboard

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