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Alternative Delivery Methods

Lecturers can find themselves in a situation where they cannot deliver their scheduled lecture. Education technology can offer you alternative delivery methods allowing for either synchronous or asynchronous module delivery (see descriptions for both below).

The type of method of delivery you chose will be dependent on your needs and the needs of your students. But always remember to:

  • Alert your students ASAP to a change of delivery method
  • Communicate your plan with your SAH, SAA and the programme director
  • Where possible try to avoid rescheduling a physical class. Student timetables are carefully choreographed to avoid lecture / tutorial conflicts between modules

Synchronous Delivery

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: A Synchronous  Webinar tool for your virtual classroom.

Synchronous delivery method involves delivering classes on an agreed schedule, and is usually facilitated by online webinar technology that enables students to participate in a live classroom. When delivering an online class is it useful to engage the student by asking questions at regular intervals. For example asking the student questions that they can respond to in the conversation area or introduce a series of polls during the class.

Note: If you plan to run an online class at any stage during the module, you should communicate this change in delivery and share with students a link to the online class via the LMS as soon as possible.

Synchronous delivery is useful when:

  • You or your students cannot be onsite but you can deliver the class online at the scheduled time
  • Entire College Closure due to extreme weather conditions


  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (online webinar tool built into the LMS). Record the class and share this with students afterwards
  • Live Broadcast enable comments on the recording and assign someone to moderate these

Asynchronous Delivery

Webstudio: An Asynchronous Desktop Recording tool for recording lectures from your laptop.

Asynchronous delivery method involves delivering classes so that they can be viewed by students at their convenience, and is facilitated by publishing content to the LMS so that the student can access the content at a time that best suits them. In asynchronous delivery, we recommend providing a series of short videos, focusing on key module topics, with links to supporting readings. This delivery is particularly useful if the lecture or the students have other scheduled commitments.

When using asynchronous delivery methods, you should support engagement that would otherwise happen in class time, such as with a discussion board. This way students will feel less isolated by being able to contribute and ask questions. The lecturer can ensure ongoing student engagement by moderating at a distance and guiding the student as needed.

Asynchronous delivery is particularly useful for:

  • Entire College closure due to extreme weather conditions
  • If the lecturer has a planned absence, early communication with students on the change of delivery method will allow students to replan their schedules
  • You have multiple deliveries of a module but one is falling on a BH or due to sickness you have been absent for a class. You can record one of your later classes that week and provide this recording to the affected students
  • You have not moved through content as quickly as you thought in class
  • Provide supplementary content for students who are struggling or to provide supporting material for complex topics


  • The Desktop recording tool allows you to record directly from your PC or laptop. Videos are uploaded to the College of Business media server and shared on the LMS, this way you can have sight of how many students have engaged with the content
  • In-class Lecture Capture
  • More detailed PowerPoints and supporting documentation for topics
  • Use self-assessment quizzes to assess student knowledge
  • Discussion Boards – Allow the students to create topics with a discussion board and advise them to support each other in their learning. You should moderate this board and encourage engagement by posing questions

Please do contact Audrey, Elanor, Niall and Bard on business.elearning@ucd.ie (or with the contact form above) for guidance on any of these measures as needed.  For class schedule changes contact Jessica Tuohy (jessica.tuohy@ucd.ie), for room changes contact Anita Blake (anita.blake@ucd.ie).  For lecture capture bookings in Blackrock contact Peter, Denis and Paul at iltg@ucd.ie

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Virtual Classroom

Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as a virtual classroom and web-conferencing solution, purpose built for education and training.

Virtual Classroom

Desktop Recording

Webstudio is a desktop recording tool that allows you to record yoursefl with slides directly from your PC or Laptop.

Desktop Recording

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture technology allows lecturers to record a live lecture and publish it in Blackboard.

Lecture Capture

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