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Monique Sherett

Module Coordinator: Monique Sherrett

Collaborator: Business eLearning

Modules: Digital Marketing MKT30120

Department: Marketing

Target Audience: Stage 3 marketing students at Quinn School of Business

Lecture Capture - The Approach

MKT30120 is a 12 week module delivered in 2 hour weekly lectures. All 12 lectures were recorded and made available securely within Blackboard for students to review. The weekly recordings were split into Parts 1 and 2. The on board analytics show that the average played percentage of each video was 49.8% and the average play time of each video was 21m 34s. The viewing statistics also show a clear spike in views in the run up to exams in early May.

Survey Results: students were surveyed in relation to how they found access to lecture capture content in their module

  • 73.6%  viewed recorded content weekly or frequently
  • 62.6% rated the recording quality as "Excellent"
  • 74% rated access to online lecture content as "Very helpful"
  • 92% rated having access to recorded content made a positive difference to the learning and review of course content
  • 91% of students would recommend other module coordinators incorporate lecture capture into their modules

Student Feedback: open feedback submitted by students

"The lecture capture was ideal for re-watching parts of the lecture I didn't fully understand or bits that I didn't have enough time to write sufficient notes on during class. I would highly recommend that other lecturers use it, particularly in maths based courses"

"I think it was a really positive step and the first time this has been available to me in UCD which is a pity because I'm just about to finish up. thanks for doing it, it really helped in study week in particular"

"Students have different learning styles, different abilities in note taking, and understanding the materials during lectures. So the ability to access a video of every lecture on BlackBoard encourages all students to engage with the class's contents and increase their overall performance"

"These recorded lectures have really helped me this semester. Due to illness i am not able to attend my 9am lectures all the time but this way i was able to keep up with the module"

"I have watched all of your video tutorials and i am very impressed. I think it's a fantastic resource and should be adopted by every module coordinator"

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