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Taking an in-class, online test

Guide for Non-Business School Students

When taking a module from the School of Business, you may be required to take an in-class, online test as part of that module's assessment structure. You will be advised in advance by your lecturer if your module will be using online tests as part of its assessment strategy. Follow the below instructions to ensure you are ready to take the test in-class.

Instructions on taking an online test

Tests are taken via the module on Brightspace.

In order to complete an in-class online test you will need a laptop. You need to ensure your laptop:

  • It is in good working condition
  • It is registered on the UCD cabled network (instructions on how to do this are below)
  • You have Mozilla Firefox web browser installed on your laptop - you will use Firefox to access your module on Brightspace
  • You bring a power supply and Network cable to the test (you can purchase a network cable from Copi-Print in the Newman building or from any technology supply store)
  • It is virus free

Please see below instructions on how to register your laptop on the network.

Register to the UCD Network

Register to the UCD Network

Overview: This session gives information about the different networks in UCD.
Duration: 1 minutes 30 seconds

Submitting an Online Test

Submitting an Online Test

To complete online assessments, students are required to bring to class a fully operational...

  • Laptop
  • with Power adapter
  • and Network (LAN) cable

The laptop must be registered to the UCD wired network at least 24 hours before the test is set to begin. Register your laptop to the UCD Network.

If you do not have a laptop then you can borrow one from IT Services.

24 Hours Prior to the Taking the Online Test

Check the following:

  • Your laptop is registered on UCD’s cabled network (registration requires a minimum of 1 hour's notice)
  • Your laptop has Mozilla Firefox installed (you will use Firefox to access your module on Brightspace)
  • Your laptop is in a healthy condition – virus free, no hardware or software issues, no blue screen, etc.
  • That you have a working Power adapter and Network (LAN) cable

5 Minutes Before Taking the Online Test

  • Turn off the wireless network. Wireless connections can provide intermittent internet access, automatically logging the user out of the incomplete assessment.
  • Plug in your LAN cable
  • Close all running programs (any communication applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Outlook, etc.)
  • Login to Brightspace

During The Online Test

  • DO NOT press the “Back” button on the internet browser. If you do, you will be automatically logged out of the assessment.
  • Click “Save Question” at regular intervals during the assessment.
  • But do not click “Save and Submit” until you are finished your exam.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact business.elearning@ucd.ie

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