Mandatory Laptop Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

The UCD College of Business has a mandatory laptop requirement. This facilitates the use of the online learning environment, various forms of elearning and e-assessment. The degree programmes at the College rely heavily on student interaction with technology. All students are required to bring their laptop, power supply and network cable (with network adapter if necessary) to the College of Business on a daily basis.

Can I bring my Apple laptop to the College of Business?

Apple hardware and software is not completely compatible with the UCD online learning environment. Compatibility with the network, course work and applications used by lecturers cannot be guaranteed. Therefore if you (the student) decide to use an Apple laptop in the College of Business, you will be responsible for testing it with the UCD systems in advance of class and addressing resulting issues (if any) that may arise.

Can I bring my tablet to the College of Business?

Tablets are considered to be complementary devices to the College of Business compulsory laptop requirement.

Tablets on the market today are not powerful enough to run the online learning and assessment environments. Most tablets do not have a network cable (ethernet) connection. Please note that all online assessment in the College of Business must be completed using a laptop connected to the cable (LAN) network.

Why do I need specific software?

The recommended Windows operating systems  have been rigorously tested with the UCD network and the UCD online learning environment.

The recommended Application Software contains tools that are commonly used in practice in the business world. These will be used to deliver in-class training, for assessment purposes, presentations, etc.

Why do I need a LAN cable?

A LAN (local area network) cable allows students to access the internet in UCD through a high speed wired connection.

Even though there is wireless throughout UCD, students are required to use a network cable in the classroom. The LAN connection is faster, more secure and more stable than the wireless network.

Assignment Submission!

All online assessment in the UCD College of Business must be completed using the ethernet network connection. 

What is an online learning environment?

Our online learning environment is called Brightspace. Through Brightspace you will be able to

  • Access your course content;
  • Upload assignments for grading and
  • Complete and submit tests online.

During the first three weeks of term you will receive training on how to use Brightspace.

Note: Before the academic year begins, it is highly recommended that you become familiar with the UCD online environment, technology requirements and user expectations. More information here.

Where can I get help with my laptop on campus?

The UCD IT Services Helpdesk can provide you with assistance and information on most IT issues.

IT Centre Location Opening Hours
1. Daedalus Building Ground Floor Monday to Friday
09.30 to 17.30
2.  Newman Building 1st Floor, D Block,
Room D108a
Monday to Friday
09.30 to 17.30 
(09.30 to 13.00 out of term time)
3.  Health Sciences Building 1st Floor Student Lab D113 Monday to Friday
09.30 to 17.30

  • Telephone: (01) 716 2700
  • Offices: IT Centres (listed above)
  • General hours of service: Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 17.30.