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Info! Please note that the information below relates to in-class online test, for online test taken at home during the COVID-19 college closure please click here.

Online Testing

This page will outline for students general online (in-class) test information: how to prepare for a test, what your expected conduct during the test will be and what to expect on the day of the test.  Staff Information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Note: Be sure to familiarise yourself with the test information your lecturer has shared with you prior to the test.

You should know the following:

  • What percentage of the test contributes to your final grade
  • How many questions and the type of questions that will be asked
  • How long you will have to complete the test
  • How the questions will be presented for example all-on-one-page or one-per-page
  • If the questions can/cannot be revisited during the test
  • If you may/may not use a calculator and/or rough paper
  • If you can expect for the answers to be provided after the test
  • When you will receive your grade

Preparing for your test

Preparing for your test (at least one week prior to the test)

  • You will be expected to arrive to the test with a test ready laptop -- please go to this webpage and go through the checklist provided: https://buselrn.ucd.ie/test-ready
  • If you qualify for extra time and/or other considerations, you should contact your Module Coordinator at least two weeks in advance to confirm arrangements
  • Read the UCD Student Code which states the expected conduct of a student in exam conditions http://www.ucd.ie/governance/resources/policypage-studentcode/
  • Readiness for in-class online tests is your responsibility

On the day of your test

On the day of your test

  • Bring your test-ready laptop (see above), with your power cable and LAN/network cable
  • Arrive on time to your assigned room, there will be no late entry once the test has begun
  • Show your student card at the door and place it on your desk in front of you at all times
  • Leave your bags with all books, papers, notes, devices at the top of the room, and away from your seat
  • Switch OFF phone, and all other devices except your laptop
  • Start your laptop and close ALL applications other than Firefox, for which you may keep one tab open only

Student conduct during the test

Student conduct during the test

  • Remember! This is an exam situation -- Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct rules apply as per any other exam at UCD
  • No talking during the test
  • No copying or cheating at any examination or test
  • No bringing of unauthorised materials into the test
  • No use of a mobile phone or any other electronic device (without express permission) during an examination
  • No plagiarism, or submission of work prepared by another individual as part of any assessment
  • No interfering with the proper conduct of examinations

Note: Anyone found contravening these rules could face disciplinary action.

Start of test

Before the test starts

  • The Invigilator will go through specific rules and instructions for your test at the start of the exam
  • When you are given the test password enter it immediately, as it will be changed quickly

During the test

  • Do not use your browser's Back button as this may automatically submit your test
  • Answers are saved automatically, do not click 'Submit Quiz' until you are finished the test
  • If you encounter issues during the test, please raise your hand and wait for an invigilator

On Completion of the test

  • When your test is successfully submitted close your laptop, remain quiet and seated
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