Are you a full time student at the UCD School of Business?

If so, you are required to have full time access to a personal laptop computer for your coursework and assignments. This laptop must be registered on the University network and meet the recommendations set out by UCD Quinn School of Business for your given year of admission.

Students must adhere to this code of practice in relation to laptop usage as outlined below.

Your attention is also drawn to UCD policies on email and network usage, conduct, dignity and respect. These policies are available on the UCD website:

1. Email

You should use your UCD email account when communicating with UCD School of Business staff. UCD Quinn School communicates with students by email to your UCD email address only. All students have an obligation to regularly check their UCD email account and are bound by notices and information communicated in this way.

1.1 Email communications should follow the same standards expected in written business communication. The tone of all communications must be respectful.

1.2 All staff should be addressed appropriately.

1.3 Student name and student number must be provided on every email.

1.4 Students who are using an email application (such as MS Outlook) must ensure that their reply email address is configured and functional.

1.5 Ensure that your account is protected at all times, by maintaining secure passwords and by periodically changing your password.

1.6 Students will be liable for all communications sent from their email address/account.

2. Classroom Usage

Your lecturer will inform you of the relevant laptop usage for each class, including which applications and tools you will require on a given day. You may use your laptop computer to take notes in class unless specifically prohibited by your lecturer.

2.1 Taking in-class assessments and exams may require you to be online. You should have your laptop registered on the UCD (cabled) Network .When taking an online test you must connect using a cable, disable wireless and ensure you have your laptop power adaptor connected.

2.2 It is your responsibility to ensure your laptop is in good working order prior to presenting yourself for an in-class assessment, MCQ or exam. Further information can be found here:

2.3 Chatting online, emailing or internet browsing during class is not permitted. Lecturers reserve the right to ask students engaged in such activity to leave the lecture.

2.4 Report any learning technology issues to your lecturer in a timely fashion.

3. Brightspace

Check announcements daily for important messages in relation to your modules or programme.

3.1 Email, blogs, and group functionality are to be used for academic purposes only.

3.2 Students may not communicate through Brightspace on behalf of anyone who does not have access or whose access has expired.

4. Viruses

Prevent the spread of viruses, by using the anti-virus software provided on your laptop and by following any instructions communicated to you by IT Services  in relation to viruses.

4.1 Any laptop found on the network with a virus can be disconnected by UCD IT Services.

5. Software

Ensure that software installed on your laptop remains in working order and is fully licensed. You should carry out Windows and anti-virus updates on a regular basis.

6. Data Integrity

Ensure the integrity of data that you are working on by saving data frequently and by backing up regularly to an external storage device.

6.1 You are responsible for carrying out your own backup procedures.

7. Safety

Ensure your own safety by not providing personal contact information to a website, a chat room, via e-mail or using a social network without careful consideration as to the third party’s legitimate need for the information.

8. Respect

Students must not present themselves for I.T. support or in class with inappropriate content on desktop wallpaper, screensavers, or homepage. Staff reserve the right to refuse to support a system with such content on display.

Code of Practice


Failure to comply with this code of practice will be considered a breach of the UCD student disciplinary code and will be dealt with accordingly.