Support Services for Students of the College of Business

Programme specific help

If you need specific information or advice about your degree programme you can contact the Programme Office. The staff here can provide you with information and advice on the following topics; registration, extenuating circumstances, withdrawal queries, progression queries and repeating or re-siting modules. Information regarding each module is also available on the Programme’s Area on Blackboard. This is a specially designed Blackboard Module, which every student is enrolled to. You’ll find it under your list of modules, entitled Quinn Undergraduate Programmes (PO04).

Where to get IT help

If you encounter problems using your laptop in the UCD School of Business you can seek help with IT services. IT services have a number of help centres on campus: in the Daedalus building, the Newman building and in Health sciences.  IT services can help with a range of issues but they won’t be able to help with any hardware issues so it is important that you keep all documentation in relation to the purchase of your laptop, especially the warranty information. To find out more about IT Services locations and opening times you can find out more here.


Student printing in UCD is provided by Copi-Print. You can print from Copi-Print printers by using your U-Card. There is a fee for printing so you must add credit to your U-Card before you can print. Copi-Print have a comprehensive website which provides detail instructions on printing, you can get find out more here.