Studios 1 & 4 Presentation Recording Rooms

Studios 1 & 4 provide technology that enable students to record (onto USB) themselves while presenting a given topic. The use of the studio is restricted to academic and research purposes only.

studio2&3 pic
Quinn Studio


Selecting the Camera

  • To turn on the TV unit, go to the wall mounted panel located at the side of the TV.
  • Select CAMERA on the panel so your laptop will be displayed from the podium.
  • Your recording will be saved to a USB stick/drive, so you must bring one with you.
  • Connect your laptop at the presentation podium and your USB key to the cables clearly labelled.



  • On the Crestron Capture touchscreen, press Start Here to launch the Program.

Remember: your USB key must be connected in order for you to record.Crestron Touch Screen

  • To begin recording, press Start Recording.
  • The "Preparing to Record" screen will appear and recording will commence shortly after.
  • Recording will begin when the lights on the touch panel go RED  and the Status screen will be displayed.

Crestron Screen

Saving your Recording

  • When finished recording, press Stop Recording.
  • This will display the "Stop recording?" Screen and recording will temporally be paused while this screen is displayed.
  • You can then select "Yes" to stop recording or "No" to continue recording.


When the recording ends the Initial screen will re-appear.
Please note: Don’t remove your USB until the red lights turn off

UROOMS – New Studio Booking System

As you are aware students must pre-book the studios in the Collaborative Workspace Q106 for group-work activities.
The room booking system has now changed to URooms.

Follow this procedure to book a studio:

Step 1 – Login to InfoHub, select the Campus menu and choose Book a Studio Room in Quinn College of Business.
Step 2 – Now enter the Date, Start time and Duration for which you wish to book the room.

Urooms Search Fig 1: URooms search tool

Step 3 - Once you have searched and you can select the studio and click Book.
Step 4 - You should then read the terms and conditions and select the purpose for your booking.
Step 5 - You will receive an email to confirm your booking.

Note: as per the previous system, bookings can be cancelled if the rooms are required for college bookings.

Wireless screen sharing with your Laptop or mobile device

    In order to use the wireless projection function in Studio 1 or 4, you first need to connect to the eduroam network.

  • For details on connecting a Window 10 laptop, click HERE
  • For details on connecting an apple laptop (macbook), click HERE
  • For details on connecting an iOS device (ipad), click HERE
  • For details on connecting an Android Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A3) click HERE

Connecting using your Laptop

  • You will need to select button 'A' from the wall panel,
  • If you don't see the Coalesce Blackbox welcome screen, wait for about 5 seconds and press button 'A' again
  • If you are using your laptop, type the URL that you see on screen into your browser address bar

Wireless presentation - screen

  • Download the Coalesce client (you will only need to do this once)


  • Run the download file (you will only need to do this once)


  • Enter the Room key as displayed on the plasma screen


  • Choose what you want to share!


Connecting Using a Mobile Device

  • If you are using your mobile device, go to the App or Play store and search for Coalesce client


  • Install and open the app & enter you name when prompted


  • If it's your first time to use the app enter the IP address for the room - you'll see this on the plasma TV screen, it's a number starting with 137.xx.xx.xx, you won't have to do this step again


  • Enter the screen key as displayed on the plasma screen


  • For iOS users, enable Airplay and mirroring on your device, for Android users simply choose what you want to share on screen