Online Assessment: Preparation Guide

Online assessment includes any form of internet-based tool used for delivering, marking and analysing assessments for students. Online assessment will typically involve the use of Blackboard tools for multiple choice questions, definition-style questions, and other course-based questions.

Online Assessment: Minimum Requirement Criteria and Procedures

To successfully connect to Blackboard’s eLearning platform, students must meet certain requirements [outlined below]. The onus is on individual students to satisfy these minimum requirements. Failure to submit an assessment due to breaching any of these requirement criteria will result in failing this assessment by default.

Mandatory Advance Preparation By Students

To complete online assessment tests, students are required to bring to class a fully operational:

  • Laptop
  • Power adapter
  • LAN cable

See Student test preparation handout here.


The laptop should:

  • Be registered on UCD’s cabled network (registration requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice). If you have not registered your laptop to the network click HERE for instructions
  • Have a Blackboard compatible internet browser (we recommend Mozilla Firefox)
  • Be in a healthy condition – virus free, no hardware or software issues, no blue screen, etc. 
  • All Windows Updates should be applied, and Windows Update should be disabled, or dismissed for the duration of the test. Click HERE for instructions on preventing Windows Update from interrupting your test.


  • Turn off the wireless network. Wireless connections can provide intermittent internet access, automatically logging the user out of the incomplete assessment.
  • Plug in your LAN cable
  • Close all running programs (any communication applications such as Skype, Spotify, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Outlook, etc.)
  • Login to Blackboard using Mozilla Firefox


  • DO NOT press the “Back” button on the internet browser. If you do, you will be automatically logged out of the assessment.
  • Click “Save Answer” at regular intervals during the assessment.
  • But do not click “Save and Submit” until you are finished your exam.