Introduction to Bloomberg

Deloitte Data Analytics Lab
Lochlann Quinn School of Business

The Deloitte Data Analytics Lab is equipped with 12 Bloomberg terminals.

Bloomberg Information:

- These terminals are used for accessing Bloomberg Software only.

- Use of the terminals software and financial information systems is restricted to academic and research purposes only.

- After using the PC please log out of your session and shut down the PC.


The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system provided by Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in finance and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyse:

  • real-time financial market data movements for stocks, bonds, currencies and other financial instruments;
  • news stories related to financial markets and national economies;
  •  fundamental information (from accounting reports and analyst research) about securities;
  • and information about past and future events like earnings announcements and economic data releases.

Bloomberg is a very comprehensive data source and is used by most financial services firms both small and large. There are approximately 310,000 terminals in use worldwide.

Bloomberg have provided a high level of support and help with their system. One part of this is Bloomberg University. This facility will allow UCD Business students to watch a number of training videos and then take a short multiple-choice exam in order to get a certificate from Bloomberg.

Completion of this process is likely to be of great interest to future employers in the financial services industry.