Information to provide to students before their online test

Students must have a test ready laptop to take an in-class online test. All of the steps below must be complete before the day of their test to be test ready. Provide this list to students with initial information about assessment strategy if you intend to include online tests, and stress the importance of meeting these criteria.

Check your laptop is test ready

  • Check that your laptop meets the College of Business Advised Laptop Standard (here)
  • Ensure that you have Mozilla Firefox installed (here)
  • Have all Windows Updates installed and Windows Update turned off for the test duration (here)
  • Make sure your laptop is registered to the UCD wired network (here)
  • Set your laptop user interface to English (here)

Information for student to be posted in the module

Additional information to provide for students in module information pages, and as early as possible to provide students with sufficient time to ensure they are test ready.

  • Date and time of test:
  • Room location:
  • Duration of test:
  • Prepare for their test by *** and revising *** (insert as applicable)
  • This test counts for ***% of your final grade (insert as applicable)
  • The test will comprise of *** questions in the *** format (insert as applicable)
  • The test will cover material from weeks *** to *** only (insert as applicable)
  • A practice test is available on Brightspace. It is strongly recommended that you complete this test in order to familiarise yourselves with online tests: *** (insert as applicable)
  • If you qualify for extra time and/or other considerations, either due to disability or accessibility issues, contact *** by *** to confirm arrangements (insert as applicable)
  • Readiness for in-class online tests is your responsibility

Information for student to be posted on the day of the test

Information for students to be provided 'On the day of their test' (presented both in the test description field in the module and shown on the overhead projector in class before the test begins)

  • Time of test:
  • Room location:
  • Duration of Test:
  • Electronic link to test:
  • Bring your test ready laptop, fully charged, with your power cable and LAN/network cable
  • Go to your test room on time. There will be no late entry once the test has begun
  • Show your student card at the door if asked, or place it on your desk in front of you at all times
  • Leave your bags with all books, papers, notes, devices at the top of the room away from your seat
  • You may/may not use a calculator (delete as applicable)
  • Switch OFF phone and other devices, except your laptop
  • Start your laptop and close ALL applications other than Firefox, for which you may keep one tab open only
  • Go to Brightspace -- Your Module code -- Your Assessment location (insert as applicable)
  • The test requires a password for entry which will be given out in class when it is time for the test to begin
  • The password will be changed quickly so do not delay your login
  • There will be *** question asked on the test, in the *** format (insert as applicable)
  • There will/will not be negative marking applied to *** questions (delete and insert as applicable)
  • There will/will not be partial marking applied to *** questions (delete and insert as applicable)
  • Questions will be presented all-on-one-page/one-per-page (delete as applicable)
  • Questions can/cannot be revisited during the test (delete as applicable)
  • Use in page Brightspace test navigation only. Do not use your browser's Back button as this will automatically submit your test
  • Save Answers regularly, but do not Save and Submit your test until you are finished the test
  • Once you select an answer you can/cannot change it during the test (delete as applicable)
  • If you encounter issues during the test, please raise your hand and wait for an invigilator
  • When your test is complete and successfully submitted close you laptop screen
  • Please remain quiet and seated for the duration of the test
  • Grades will be released on *** (insert as applicable)

Remember: This is an exam situation. No talking during the test. Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct rules apply as per any other exam at UCD. Anyone found contravening these rules will face disciplinary action.

UCD Assessment Code of Practice
UCD Student Code
Student Test Readiness