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Using Google Meet to record your presentation

Google Meet is a free tool that is available to all students and staff in UCD. Hangouts Meet allows you to schedule meetings with your groups so you can continue to collaborate online. Hangouts Meet also has a handy record feature so as well as being to record a meeting or group work, you can use it to record yourself presenting. You can then share that file with your lecturer, once the presentation is finished. The steps below detail how you can use Hangouts Meet to record your presentation.

Step 1. Create a Meet event

Log into your UCD Connect account and from the google tools menu, click the Meet icon.

Step 2. Starting the session

Click Join or start a meeting and give the session a name.

Step 3. Meet entry window

The entry window will open when you click the link. You may be asked to give access to Meet to use your mic and webcam or it may detect this automatically. Once you have checked that your audio and video are enabled for the session, click 'Join now' to enter the meeting.

Step 4. Adding other participants

If you are simply using this Meet session to record your presentation, you can ignore the window that asks you to invite other participants.

Step 5. Recording the session

The first step when you enter the Meet session, is to enable the recording. In the bottom right of the session window, click the more options icon (3 dots) and then select Record meeting from the pop up menu.

Step 6. Start presenting

Click Present now in the bottom right corner to start sharing your presentation file. You can chose to share your entire screen or a specific window. In this example, the option of specific window was chosen as a Powerpoint slide show was being shared. Start presenting your file.

Step 7. Ending the presentation

When you are finished presenting, click Stop sharing in the pop up box.

Step 8. Stop recording

To end the recording, go to the more options icon in the bottom right (3 dots) and select Stop recording from the pop up menu.

Step 9. Accessing the recording

The finished recording will automatically be published to your Google Drive account. Depending on the request from your lecturer, they will ask you to upload the file to Brightspace or send a share link via Google Drive.

Step 10. Sharing the file from Google Drive

The file is automatically saved to your Google Drive account. Depending on how long the recording is, you might see it appear here quite quickly (for a short recording) or it may take some time to appear (for a long recording). You will most likely see the file appear in a the Quick Access section of your drive account. The file name will be the same as the session name and it will be in MP4 format. Double click the file to open and share it. Once you open the file, click the more options icon (3 dots) at the top right of the browser window. Select share from the list.

Step 11. Giving access to the file

In order to allow certain people access to the file (for example your lecturer), enter their email address in the pop up window. The file sharing permission defaults to Can edit, set this to Can view. This ensures that no one who you shared the file with could accidentally amend or delete the recording. Anyone you share the file with will receive an email to notify them that the file has been shared.

Step 12. Downloading the file

You may need to submit the file through an assignment link in Brightspace. In order to do this you will need to download the file to your machine and then submit it via the module on Brightspace, as you would with any other assignment. In order to download the file to save it locally on your machine, double click the recording and select the download icon (3 dots) from the top right of the screen. The file will download and depending on what browser you are using, you will see it appear in the browser window, or you can navigate to your downloads folder and find it there.

Tool Comparison - Online Class and Virtual Meetings

The Business eLearning team have created a handy tool comparison table, to assist you in choosing the appropriate technology for your online class / virtual meeting needs.

To view the comparison table, click here: https://buselrn.ucd.ie/tool-comparison

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