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Blackboard: Course Reports

Blackboard: Course Reports You can run several types of course reports to view information about course usage and activity. You can view summaries of course usage such as which course areas are used most frequently and course access patterns for specific students. Report data is automatically refreshed every 20 minutes for all reports except activity
Using Blackboard tools

Blackboard Tools: Collaborative Tools

Getting Started With Blackboard Learn Collaborative Tools In a successful online learning community, students have the right tools for their interactive tasks. Blackboard Learn offers four communication tools for self-reflection, collaboration, and communication. The Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis tools allow you to provide rich assignments and evaluate students in authentic ways where students

Blackboard: Using the Retention Centre

Using the Retention Centre The Retention centre provides an easy way for you to discover which students in your course are at risk. Based on preconfigured rules and rules you create, students’ engagement and participation are visually displayed, quickly alerting you to potential risk. From the Retention centre, you can communicate with struggling students and
Blackboard groups

Blackboard Tools: Setting up Groups

Blackboard: Setting up Groups You can create groups within Blackboard to facilitate CRN Management and for group work/collaboration. Within Blackboard you can create identical CRN groups (from your SIS reports) which will allow you to:
Blackboard groups

Blackboard Tools: Group Administration

 Group Administration This page will show you how you to email students using groups and how to change group settings. Group Administration Emailing a group To send a group email simply go to the:   If you wish to change your group settings to change the tool availability or remove users then go to:  
Blackboard - audio

Blackboard Tools: Announcements

Blackboard Tools: Announcement The Announcements tool allows you to post important course updates to students. Students will see these announcements when they log in. You should always use the Date Restriction option when creating announcements. If you’re referencing new content or a course area you can link to this area. How to Create Announcements Announcements
Blackboard links

Blackboard Tools: Creating a Tool link

Blackboard: Creating a Tool Link Providing students access to the relevant tools within a module area creates a seamless experience. For example, you can provide discussion forums and journals with multimedia, lecture files, and tests. When you include a tool in a Module, you should describe what it is used for, provide instructions for the
Learning Module

Blackboard Tools: Using Learning Modules

Blackboard - Using Learning Modules Learning Modules are used to package and present content and allow instructors to organise related course materials in a Table of Contents. All types of content, such as items, Assignments, and Tests can be included in a Learning Module. Learning Modules are a great way to present information differently to
Blackboard discussion boards

Blackboard Tools: Discussion Boards

Blackboard: Discussion Boards
Blackboard mashup

Blackboard Tools: Using Mashups

Blackboard: Using Mashups You can use mashups to easily integrate content that resides on an external website. For example, you can encourage discussion by creating a mashup that links to relevant YouTube video and a link to a newspaper review. There are three default mashups included in the system. You can add other mashup sources

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