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Student Guide – Breakout Rooms in Zoom

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During your online class your lecturer may decide to split you into groups to work on activities that they assign. If they decide to do this, they will split you up into Breakout Rooms. Your lecturer will give you instructions before you enter into the Breakout Room about the type of activity that you will complete with your group. Breakout Rooms are generally timed, so you will have a defined amount of time in the session to work together with your team mates.

Review the information below to find out more, or download the guide to using the Breakout Rooms.

Entering the Breakout Rooms

After your lecturer has given you the instruction for the task that you will complete in the Breakout Room, they will start the room. When this happens you will see a pop up on screen inviting you to join your room. You should click ‘Join Breakout Room’ to enter.

The Breakout Room

Turn on Audio & Video

When you enter the Breakout Room, be sure to enable your audio and video (if possible) if they are currently muted. You will find the controls on the bottom left of the screen.

Moderation of the Breakout Room

Your lecturer can join your Breakout Room at any stage to give instructions or advice. They can also communicate with all groups via session wide messaging. If they chose to do this, you will be alerted on screen.

Breakout Functions

You will see other functions at the bottom of the screen in the Breakout Room, their functions are listed below.


Participants: This shows a list of the other people in the Breakout Room


Chat: The chat function allows you to type response to everyone in the session or individuals, you can also share files via the chat window.

Share Screen

Share Screen: You can share your entire desktop, an application window or you can share a whiteboard that all participants in the room can add to.


Record: You can ask your lecturer to record the Breakout Room session. The lecturer as host must be present in the Breakout Room at the same time in order to do this however.

Ask for help

Ask for help: If you want to get the attention of your lecturer, click the Ask for help button.

It will alert them that you need their assistance.


Reactions: You can add visual icons or ‘Reactions’ with this option.



Leaving the Breakout Room

If the lecturer has added a timer for the Breakout session, then you will only have a specific amount of time to work with your groups in the Breakout Room. Most likely, they will opt for a notification to appear on screen to let you know when the time is nearly up. At the end of this period, you will automatically be removed from the Breakout Room and brought back into the main room. You can also leave the session prior to the time ending by selecting ‘Leave Room’.

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