Using Peer Assessment (WebPA)


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to staff members in using WebPA, a peer assessment tool which is integrated with the Blackboard LMS. All WebPA activities can be managed through a Blackboard assessment. User and Group data along with Grades can be transferred with a single click.


There is a peer Assessment offering within the Blackboard system which is used to allow individuals review other student’s assessments. This gives them an opportunity to compare their own work against others. WebPA allows students measure the process of Group work rather than just the final output.

Product Description

WebPA is an online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. It allows an adjusted group marking scheme and provides a balanced overall mark for all group members. WebPA is integrated with Blackboard using an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability). Which means staff and students can do all their WebPA activities using Blackboard as a single touch point.

WebPA Peer Assessment Guide

WebPA is an open source peer moderated marking system for group assessment .It allows an instructor to set up forms allowing students assess the work of each member of the assessment group.

Configuring WebPA through Blackboard

To configure a WebPA assessment using Blackboard follow these steps:

  1. Create a WebPA Peer Assessment in Blackboard
  2. Sync the user data
  3. Create a Form
  4. Create Groups
  5. Create an assessment
  6. Mark Assessment
  7. Transfer Grades to Blackboard

Create a WebPA Peer Assessment in Blackboard

1. Create access to the WebPA software from Blackboard

  • Select the content area you want the WebPA assessment to appear .i.e. Assessments
  • Select the Assignment tab
  • Select WebPA
  • In section 4 select create grade centre column
  • In section 6 select any groups you wish transferred from Bb to WebPA
  • Select Submit
  • Click on the new assessment name to open WebPA

Sync User Date from Blackboard to WebPA

2. Sync User Date from Blackboard to WebPA

  • Select the “Sync Data” button on the left hand panel (This should transfer all students enrolled in Blackboard to WebPA
  • Select Update WebPA OS
  • Select the “Sync DatA” to Transfer any Blackboard groups (If any, you can create Groups within WebPA at any time).
  • Select Update WebPA OS

Adding a new Form

3. Adding a new Form

Once you have logged into the WebPA system WebPA system ( or connected through Blackboard. On the left hand side of the screen under the Tutor

  • Select “My Forms”. From the tabs across the top select “New From”.
  • Give the form a name
  • Select the scoring type “likert” or “Split 10”
  • Add new Criteria
  • Select Criterion Text e.g. “What was the contribution to the overall project”
  • Description: “Please provide a value for each group members contribution to the overall project”
  • Provide a scoring value (Usually 1-5 or 1-10)
  • Provide a meaning to each value e.g. 5 = Excellent

Adding a Group

4. Adding a Group

Under the “My Groups” you add a new group and assign students to them.
Provide a group name
Select student (In /out) for the group

Adding a WebPA Assessment

5. Adding a WebPA Assessment

There are eight steps to adding an assessment. Please notice the Advance options on the bottom right which allows email notification of users and student feedback options.

  1. Specify an Assessment name
  2. Select a schedule (Opening/Closing dates)
  3. Provide a description
  4. Do you want to notify all members by email of this assessment?
  5. Select the form you wish to use for this assessment
  6. Select the group you wish to see this assessment
  7. Specify the assessment type
  8. Review the assessment details and select finish to complete

Marking Assessments

6. Marking Assessments

When you select “My Assessments” you are given a page allowing you to select Assessments in different stages of the life cycle (Pending, Open, Closed and Marked)
There are five icons to the right of the Assessment name (Edit Assessment, Email students, Check which students have responded, Set Group Marks and Delete individual Marks).
Once the Assessment has closed this last icon changes to “New Mark Sheet”.

Once an assessment has reached its Closed Date a Tutor can mark the group as follows:

  1. Select Closed Tab
  2. Two the right of the Assessment select “Set Group Marks”.
  3. Provide a percentage out of 100 for the group assessment
  4. Specify back to Assessment
  5. Select the “New Mark Sheet”
  6. Specify a percentage for the weighting of the Peer Assessment values.
  7. Specify percentage discounted if the student does not respond to the WebPA Assessment
  8. Select the last icon “New Mark Sheet”
  9. Specify a the percentage values and select “Create Mark sheet”

Transfering Grades to Blackboard

7. Transfering Grades to Blackboard

Once a new marked sheet has been created you can view reports on student grades broken down by different criteria. From the Tutor control panel you can now select “Transfer Grades”. This will populate the WebPA Column in the Grade Centre.

Additional Information
The following link directs you to the main WebPA resource site where you can find manuals on how to use WebPA: and