What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A virtual learning environment is any electronic space where learning can take place or where interactions occur. It is used in a variety of ways to deliver content, online collaboration, delivery and collecting of assignments and online assessments.

Who uses Blackboard?

Blackboard is used throughout all modules in the Business School.

All students and staff (Academic and Professional) have access to Blackboard. When a student is registered in UCD they are given access to Blackboard. If they are registered to a course they will be enrolled automatically to that course in Blackboard. All Business School students have access to a laptop to facilitate eLearning and as such have full time access to Blackboard. All staff, both academic and professional, have access to Blackboard.

Blackboard Tool

Blackboard is accessible over the internet, from both within and outside UCD using your UCDConnect credentials.

Blackboard requires you to use a browser from their approved list and the Java client software. Before logging into blackboard you should check that you are using the appropriate software otherwise you may find blackboard to be quiet slow and unpredictable. You can check this by going to the following website :

Check Browser Here

Accessing Blackboard

There are 3 ways of accessing Blackboard:

  • Direct login: http://elearning.ucd.ie 
  • UCDCONNECT: Log in to www.ucd.ie. Click on the "Blackboard" icon in the top right hand corner.
  • Blackboard Mobile App: Further information on Blackboard Mobile Learn is available here.