Backing up your Module

Business eLearning Recommendation Blackboard is backed up centrally by IT-Services. However backup tapes are retained for one month only. If you require a Module restoration the standard lead time is 10 working days.

We recommend if you are running online tests or students are uploading assignments you should backup your module regularly. Backups should also take place every 2 months (minimum) and prior to any recycling of data.

It is important to keep a backup of both your module, your Blackboard Grade Centre and your Safe Assignments. Instructions on how to complete these tasks are shown below. There are requirements in relation to Assessment and Exams that are credit bearing that require back-ups to be kept for a certain duration. Once module enrolments roll forward in the next academic year it can be much more difficult to access this information. Please allow some time at the end of the semester to under take this important task.

The Export/ Archive Course page organises all export and archive packages that are created from the Course. When the Course is exported or archived, a link to the package appears on this page. The Instructor may download the package to a local computer, and then use it in the future for import or restore operations. When a package is exported or archived, it does not appear on this page immediately. An email is sent to the user once the system has created the package; the user may then open this page to find the package and download it.

Note: It is recommended that packages be deleted from this page once they are downloaded. Each package counts against the Course quota; so keeping packages on this page may result in limited space to add additional content to the Course.

To Archive a Course

Archive Course creates a permanent record of a Course including all the content and user interactions. Archived Courses are saved as .zip files. Archiving a Course does not delete it from the system.

  • Log into Blackboard and open the module you want to archive.
  • From the Module Control Panel, click on the Packages and Utilities link.
  • Select Export/Archive Module.
  • Click the Archive button.
  • Check the Include Grade Centre History checkbox.
  • Click Submit.

After the Archive Course page is submitted the system creates the Course package. When the package is complete, the Instructor who initiated the operation receives an email. After the email is received, the Instructors may open the Export / Archive page in the Blackboard application and download the Course package to the local computer.

Note: Full Archives can only be re-installed by IT Services, retain your backups to a USB key and make available to IT Services if a re-install is necessary.

To Export a Course

The Export Course feature creates a package of the Course content that can later be imported and used to teach another Course with the same content. It is important to note that, unlike the Archive Course feature, Export Course does not include any user interactions with the Course—it only includes the content and the tools.

Export packages are downloaded as compressed .ZIP files and are imported in the same format. Do not unzip an Export package or delete files from the package, otherwise the package will not be imported correctly.

Archiving Safe Assignments

How to Archive SafeAssign Submissions:
Open the Module Control Panel and click on the Module Tools link.
Select SafeAssign.
Click on the SafeAssignments link.
Click on the dropdown menu for an individual assignment, and choose View Submissions.
Click the Download All Submissions button.
When prompted, save the file.

Backing Up Your Grades

How to Download the Grade Centre:
Open the Module Control Panel and click on Full Grade Centre under the Grade Centre heading
Choose the “Work Offline” button, located over the top right hand side of the Grade Centre
Choose “Download”
To download the Full Grade Centre (recommended), leave all default settings and click on Submit.
Click on “Download”.
You should now be able to save the download file to a location on your computer.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 10.16.56

Watch this short video on how to watch videoBackup a Module.