The information below should assist instructors to manage in-class tests taken via their module on Blackboard. It is important to issue specific instructions to students prior to them taking the test and to ensure that they understand what is expected of them before, during and after the test.

Create Test Instructions on Blackboard

Detailed test instructions should be made available to students on Blackboard at least 1 week prior to the exam.

Share the link Online Assessment for Students Preparation guide via the module and

Sample test instructions are listed below:

  • Ensure your Laptop is in a fit condition to run the test ie. no virus, not slow etc*
  • Plug in your Laptop Power and Network cable
  • Turn off WiFi in your network settings
  • Login to Blackboard using the recommended web browser**
  • XX is the allotted time to take the test
  • Press "SAVE ANSWER" as you work through the test
  • Report any technical issue immediately
  • Do not have multiple browser windows or other applications open during the test
  • When you have completed the test the click "SAVE and SUBMIT" and close your laptop

When creating test instructions, consider if your test has any specific question and answer formats. If so alert the student of this in the instructions.

For example:

  • Using the € or other currency symbols
  • All answers lower case
  • Correct spelling for certain question types

*tablets and other mobile devices are not supported
**Business eLearning strongly recommends Mozilla Firefox.

Instructions - Immediately prior to Test

Check all students have a network cable connected and have WiFi turned off. If they do not, they should be made aware that they risk network connection issues which may compromise their test submission.

Display the test password*

Reveal password to students and change 1 minute after the test has begun

*When providing the test password, display the password on the projector screen, this prevents misspelling and will help students with certain disabilities.


Clear Grade Centre of any previous test submissions from repeat students.

If a student does need to restart their test, their current attempt in the grade centre will need to be cleared before they can restart.

If a network port is recognised to be faulty please report this to Business eLearning.

The Business eLearning team are here to assist by way of:

  • Providing guidance when planning and designing your online tests
  • In class technical support during the online tests