Blackboard: Linking to HTML Files

You can use the file content type to embed HTML files for a website you have created.

After uploading your HTML files to Course Files or the Content Collection, you select which file is the starting point, such as index.html or page_1.html.

The file name appears in the Name box. Edit the name to help users access the content. For example, change the name to "Start Here" or "View Lesson 1."

When an HTML file is selected, the Manage Access section appears so you can define the access users are granted. You have three options:

  • Give users access to all files and folders in the folder: Choose this option to give users access to all files and sub-folders within the parent folder of the file being linked. This option is appropriate for users who are linking to a website with a typical hierarchical structure with sub-folders for CSS, Javascript, and images contained in the parent folder.
  • Give users access to this file only: Choose this option when you are linking to one HTML file that has all the formatting within the page itself and does not reference other files or images.
  • Give users access to selected files in folder: Choose this option if you want to embed a website with a more complicated structure. If some of the content exists outside of the parent folder in other folders in Course Files , you need to browse for and manually select the parent folder and the additional files and folders. This ensures users have access to all the content in your website.