Blackboard: Understanding the External Grade Column

The results in the external grade column are provided to students in their my grades for the module.

You decide which column is set as the external grade. In new courses, the default total column is the default external grade column, and the external grade icon ( Screenshot 2015-10-09 12.38.03 ) appears in the column header. You cannot delete the default total column until you set another column as the external grade.

It is important to Note that your external Grade Column CANNOT BE HIDDEN to students, therefore choose wisely which column you wish to use. If you are unsure simply create a dummy Column and set the external grade to this.


The Grade Centre contextual menu.

Access the contextual menu in the column header for the column you want to set as the external grade column and select Set as External Grade. The check mark appears in the column header you chose and no check mark appears in the default total column header. You should also hide the default Total column from student view.

Hide column from student's view.

Hide column from student's view.

If you copy or restore a course, the external grade column you chose remains as the external grade column.