Getting Started with Blackboard

Courses contain content and tools for your learning experience. Your instructor manages the course through the course menu and Control Panel. The Control Panel is located under the course menu and is only available to users with one of the following defined course roles: instructor, teaching assistant, grader, course builder, or administrator.

While your instructor has control over the course, your institution can set defaults that can restrict or require specific features and tools.

A course consists of the course menu and a content frame. The course menu links to content and tools and the content frame displays the feature you select.

Course Elements

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a) Page Header

Identical to the page header when logging in, including the My Institution and Courses tabs. Your institution can rename tabs.

b) Course Menu

The access point for all course content added by an instructor.

c) Content Frame

Displays the selected tool or content area. By default, when users enter a course, the Home Page appears. The first page they see is chosen by the instructor and is called the course entry point.