Using Bb Grader App for Assessment

Blackboard Grader App provides teachers with a mobile solution to conveniently measure student success anytime, anywhere. With Bb Grader, teachers use their iPads to review, provide feedback, and ultimately grade submitted Blackboard Learn assignments from within the app.


Inline viewing of student submissions

Instructors can view a detailed list of all submissions to any assignment and can sort submissions based on a category of information.

Support for audio-based and video-based feedback

When providing feedback to students, instructors also have the option of using the tablet’s microphone and camera to record audio and feedback.

Seamless integration with Blackboard Learn

Instructors can select an individual submission from the Submissions Listing page to view a document submitted to the assignment or to view content within the inline Content Editor.

Stay on top of students’ progress

Bb Grader includes some features from the Blackboard Learn Retention Center: instructors can view a student’s activity using the slide out on any submission listing page.