Blackboard - Adding Audio

An audio file appears as a player in the module.
Blackboard Learn supports the following file types: .aiff, .mp3, .midi, .mp, .wav, .wma.

The player has options for play, pause, forward, and rewind.

How to Create Audio, Image, and Video Links

  • Change Edit Mode to ON.
  • Access a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.
  • On the action bar, point to "Build Content" to access the drop-down list.
  • Select "Audio".
  • Find a file using one of the following options:
    • To upload a file from your computer, click "Browse My Computer".
    • To upload a file from the course's storage repository "Browse Course".
  • After you have uploaded a file, you can click "Select a Different File" to delete the file you linked.
  • Type a Name for the file. You can overwrite the file name that automatically appears in the box. This name appears in the course area as a link. You can also select the font color.
  • Set the Options. Options for audio files in a course include:
    • Include Transcript: Including a text transcript is a standard web practice and allows users who cannot hear the audio to get the same information. Browse your computer to attach your own transcript file. It will appear with the audio file in the course area.
    • Autostart: The file will begin playing when the user opens the course area that includes the audio file.
    • Loop: The file will play again from the beginning until stopped by the user.
  • Select "Standard Options" for the item.
    1. Select "Yes" to Permit Users to View this Content.
    2. Select Yes to Track Number of Views.
    3. For "Select Date and Time Restrictions", you can set items to display on a specific date and time and to stop displaying on a specific date and time. Select the "Display After" and "Display Until" check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Type dates and times in the boxes or use the pop-up Date Selection Calendar and Time Selection Menu to select dates and times. Display restrictions do not affect item availability, only when it appears.
  • Preview the content and click "Submit" when you are finished.