Applying Letter Grades with Rubrics:

In Brightspace, to use the inline grader, we must use a numeric grade item. This means that to grade inline we must grade with scores, points or percentages rather than with explicit letter grades. However, we can use rubrics to grade assignments in the inline grader. To workaround numeric grades in the inline grader we can use an holistic rubric with letters for labels to grade explicitly by letter.

Download guide

Watch the attached video to see how to import the rubric (provided below), and use it to grade an assignment so that when you grade with a letter, the student receives the appropriate score, points or percentage for that grade item (the UCD letter grade calculation point).

Note: We have created the rubric for you, download it and import it into your module here: Download Rubric

For information on applying letter grades with rubrics, click the link to view our guide or view the video guide below.

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